Northern Allegheny County Senior Softball League

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Welcome to the Northern Allegheny County Senior Softball League (NACSSL).  We are a slow pitch softball league consisting of approximately 240 players between 52 and 80+. Our focus is on having fun playing a game we love in an organized, competitive and safe environment.
We have 16 teams in two Divisions. The Silver Division is for the younger group and the Gold Division is for the older group (62 and older). We are creating a Platinum Division option for those not selected by the Gold Division.  The majority of our games are played at the Senior Softball Complex in North Park between early May and mid-August. So, stop by and watch us play, or if you would like more information about our league, please click the "Contact Us" button below.
You might also be interested in looking at our "Photo Gallery" and two division videos.
Umpire Contact information:
Bill "Molly" Frawley
412 926 4487
  If you play at SEVILLE and               conditions are bad call:
  Eloise Peet, Director Parks & Rec.   Ross Township 412-931-7041. 
  The only way they get better is if      we complain. 

                PLATINUM LEAGUE

 Now playing Tuesday mornings at   11am. All players are welcome. 
 Contact Bill Miller or Bill Rushmore

Memorial services
 followed by lunch for DAVE SCAPES
at Universalist Church @2359 W. Ingomar Rd.
Players and their wives are invited.
Dave's family would like a count for lunch.
Please RSVP  to or call 412-367-4264

September 8th  at 11:00 am
Registration is closed for
   the 2018 season.
  Check back in 2019 for 
  the upcoming season.
The All Star game and picnic is scheduled for Sunday 9/9 at the Lodge and complex. Marty did the picnic last year. It was announced after the manager's meeting in July that Lenny would not do the all star game.
So far no one has volunteered to chair either event.  It's not too late for someone to step up for either event but if no one volunteers  by August 26th both events will be officially cancelled.